Music Review of Brantley Gilbert

Congratulations Brantley Gilbert, you are my first review. I did a simple search on MySpace to find who I was going to review first and to tell you the truth, I am so glad I stumbled upon Brantley Gilbert.

Now I wasn’t able to learn much about this guy from his MySpace page. I guess he just wanted to let the music speak for itself.

The first thing I noticed while waiting on the music to load was the tour dates. This guy must be on the edge of stardom. He has bookings all the way through December. Some people may not understand how huge that is but that is HUGE! To be in a working band is a musicians dream. So congrats on that as well.

Now to the music

The first song I listened to was “My Kinda Party”. This is that good ol’ rocking country song that makes you want to get up and shake it a little bit. The lyrics to this song were great. I don’t know who does the writing, but keep it up. I love this song but there are a couple things that I feel are missing. The song feels empty when it gets to the chorus parts. You can feel where it should be building up and it kind of stays at one level. I feel that it is missing something like a distorted guitar to fill the song with a full sound and give it that hard country, grab your ass and make you want to listen, type of product.

The other thing that I noticed were no background vocals. This would also give the song the fuller sound that I think would catapult it to radio. It is definitely almost ready for that.

Overall I think the song is great and would like to hear it when a producer gets a hold of it and really puts “The Business” to it.

The next one I listened to was “A Modern Day Prodigial Son”. Brantley, what are you doing out on the street and not sitting with the bigwigs at Sony or hell even an indie label like Big Machine Records. Either one will make you rich!

This song has hit written all over it. I know great country music and this my friends IS GREAT COUNTRY MUSIC. I can’t get over how well written your songs are. Like I said, I don’t know to much about these guys but my guess is they have been doing this for a while. “I’m a renegade, I’m a rambler”. That is so true for so many people. I can see myself playing this for my friends or singing this at a karaoke bar. I love WannaBe’s in Nashville!

I couldn’t wait to get to the next song. I seen the familiar name of Colt Ford being featured on a song so I had to listen. The title was “Dirt Road Anthem”.

This song is that new style of Country Rap. The song unfortunately has album cut written all over it. But for me, I dig it. It has everything that I like. I’m a huge rap/hip hop fan as well so this was right up my alley. I just don’t see country radio being to friendly with this cut because it sounds so much like a smooth rap flow.

Colt Ford is great in this song. I’ve seen him do some stuff on CMT before but this really took me by surprise. His style of rhyme was nothing short of on point. It was country, it was rap, it should be playing in my truck.

The hook and the music was right on as well. Guys, this one was perfect to me.

Overall Final Review

Brantley Gilbert is fantastic. To me he seems like a man that should be so close to a “breakout” that he can smell the stadium popcorn now. Just keep it up and I can’t wait to hear more from you. Congratulations Brantley Gilbert you get the thumbs up from me! Visit his MySpace page at

Source by Jason Bush

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