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Its always a treat to find a new sound, especially one that gets your ear on the first listen. Thats the way of it with Blue October, at least as far as I’m concerned, and I bet it will make you perk right up too. The CD that introduced me to this Texas band is their fifth, entitled Foiled. Foiled seems to be the charm for them, as it climbs quickly toward platinum and beyond, spawning multiple favorites in several genre. Also among the variety of musical candy on this CD is an excellent dance version of my personal favorite by Blue October (So Far), the song called: X Amount of Words.

The thing that hooked me as I listened to Blue October for the first time was the voice of Justin Furstenfeld: he not only has a rare vocal quality, but an excellent talent for presentation as well. Justin is not afraid to use the tools of his craft, electronically embellishing with perfect sense and taste, though never overdoing it. Maestro is Justin, and the rest of the band are perfect addition to the avatar. Blue Octobers music is fun, and meaningful, and different. A treat indeed.

Blue October has been hard at work for over 10 years, providing their followers with electric live performances that have become their initial reputation, while giving the band members the ease and familiarity with each other that is both evident, and necessary, for the quality of music they purvey. In total the band numbers 5, and as one listens to Blue October it is sometimes difficult to believe that all that killer noise is coming from a quintet. The band roster with duties is as follows: Justin Furstenfeld casting spells with guitar, piano, and vocals; Jeremy Furstenfeld (Justin’s older brother) on drums, Ryan Delahoussaye on violin, mandolin, keys; guitarist C.B. Hudson, and bassist Matt Noveskey.

Other than the voice of Justin Furstenfeld, what I like most about Blue October are the lyrics of the songs. Written largely by Justin, the words to Blue Octobers songs seem to possess an emotional/intellectual elasticity, alongwith what I like to call The Big Stick. Within the songs of Blue October one will find both a charming innocence blending well with stark realities, encompassing everything from Love (Congratulations, Its Just Me, What If We Could) to Recovery (X Amount Of Words, In the Ocean) and more. The lyrics of Blue October are poignant, evocative, occasionally bizarre, but never nonsensical. Each song is a story, with attendant attributes thereof, including closure. Do not be surprised to find revelation and even inspiration here. These musical works of Blue October are accounts of life that everyone can relate to, pulling sharp, clear imagery out of your brain via your ears, to then wave those images in front of your face with rhythm and tone. They do it nicely though, it is not an intrusion or a slap, it is pure magic, and makes you want to dance.

Within the music of Blue October, I hear many influences, clueing me to the fact that they are long time students of what works. This alone is a rare quality, and very evident in their beauty as a group. Yes, there are many sounds and beats within the music of Blue October which I have heard somewhere else before, but it is the startling and welcome freshness of this band, coupled with their particularly unique and energetic construction of the sounds available to them, that will make me remember their versions above others, and which make them majestic, to say the least.

Don’t miss out on hearing the next great thing. Pick up Foiled, by Blue October, and hear the magic for yourself.

Track Listing:

You Make Me Smile

She’s My Ride Home

Into The Ocean

What If We Could

Hate Me

Let It Go



X-Amount Of Words

Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek

Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down

Everlasting Friend

18th Floor Balcony

It’s Just Me [Hidden Track]


Foiled (For The Last time) ~ 2007

Foiled ~ 2006

(Brando/Universal Records)

Argue With A Tree ~ 2004

(Brando/Universal Records)

History For Sale ~ 2003

(Brando/Universal Records)

Consent To Treatment ~ 2000

(Universal Records)

The Answers ~ 1998

(RoDan Entertainment/Scoop)

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Source by William J. Gallagher

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