Music Review of Celtic Passage by Deirdre Ni Chinneide

Iris Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands on the West Coast of Ireland, is a place steeped in Celtic Heritage. Deirdre Ní Chinnéide, a passionate vocalist who embraces the energy of the wholly empowered feminine through a rich soundscape of moving verse, raw emotion, and traditional arrangements, chose Iris Mór as the inspiration for her new album, Celtic Passage.

The Celts believed in the existence of other worlds known as the “land of the SY” (spirit). Their Druid, or Shaman, could travel to these other worlds, returning with insight into the problems and challenges of everyday life. Celtic Passage invites the listener to journey into this other world of the Celtic Shaman, calling us to return to the natural rhythms that connect us to a deeper and more joyful experience of life. This emotional journey explores themes of life and death, the earth and nature, the savagery of war, the redemption of love and, ultimately, the miracle of life.

Celtic Passage is divided into four sections: Samhain (Winter) a time of stillness and darkness where seeds are planted in anticipation of light, beginning with the song “Forgotten” where we remember the wisdom of our Celtic ancestors; Imbolg (Spring) where the earth receives the embrace of the sun, which opens with the song “Mother;” Bealtaine (Summer) which begins with “Arise My Love,” brimming with the sound of possibility; and finally Lughanasa (Autumn) with the tune “Si Gaoithe”calling us to sing our song with joy.

Featuring voice, harp, fiddle, flute, bodhran, pipes and whistle, Celtic Passage is a musical journey to the land of the Spirit, a bold trek to the heart of this ancient tradition. For those who appreciate Celtic music at its most evocative, Celtic Passage is sure to please.

Source by Steve Ryals

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