Color Out Of Space Review: Amusing Homage To Lovecraft Marred By Melodrama


If you go see this movie, you probably know that Nic Cage is the lead, and with Nic Cage being the lead comes certain expectations. The man is known for his outlandish performances that you either love or hate. I’m just as big of a fan of Mr. Cage’s work as anyone else, but he kind of lost me here. His character, Nathan, places heavy emphasis on family throughout the film, due to the abuse he suffered by his intellectual father. Why does this matter in relation to his performance? Well as the effects of the color start to take hold of the family, Nathan starts to imitate his father’s mannerisms including his accent. Sounds menacing right? Well, it’s not. It’s a melodramatic snobby Boston accent that made my toes curl. It’s not good, and seriously takes you out of the movie at times. That being said, Nic Cage delivers a few Mandy-esque scenes of madness that are truly terrifying.

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