Underwater Review: Unsettling Lovecraftian Horror Keeps A Shallow Plot Afloat.


Despite the PG-13 rating, Underwater is brutal.

What starts out as a deep-sea mining mission gone wrong dives right into an effective on-screen exercise into paranoia, claustrophobia and thalassophobia (an intense fear of the sea, which I may have now). Don’t let the cushy PG-13 rating fool you. Underwater revels in the harsh reality of deep sea physics. At such depth, humans are subject to high levels of pressure and internal gas compression. Rapid changes in pressure, such as exposure to the ocean floor without a protective layer, can lead to some pretty gruesome side effects. Think spontaneous explosion – and yeah, it’s disturbing. There’s more than one instance of this grisly phenomenon in Underwater, and that kind of intensity doesn’t stop there.

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