How to Play Guitar by Roger Evans

A guitar is a more amicable instrument than any other string instruments. Once a person masters few basics he/ she will be able to create tunes and notes out of it. However it might take a year or two for a very passionate player to master the basics itself. The learner will also have to exploit the instrument to its fullest capacity to learn the basics.

How to Play guitar by Roger Evans explains instructions for all level guitarists. This book has been developed after a period of research and has a wealth of information and inspiration. No matter what the player wants to expertise pop, folk, country, rock, blues, jazz, classical or any other style of music.

This book consists of basic techniques without tedious drills and exercise. This book introduces a new technique of using real music and a step by step approach to how to play guitar. It also helps buy a correct tuner, how to read the guitar tabs, place the fingers on the frets, strum with the other hand etc…

This books helps a player in choosing a Guitar, tuning the instrument correctly, reading sheet music, guitar music and tabulator, playing melodies and chords, Finger picking, Mastering left-hand techniques, including sliding and bending notes, transposing melodies from one key to another and many more.

This books also gives few tips and techniques for players for instance, For players who have difficulty in playing the chords and difficulty in forming chord shapes with fingers it is better to start with learning songs that have single notes or power chords. By following these technique the fingers will get strengthened and the player will also get familiarized with the usage of the chords and the instrument as well. This reduces stress and frustration on the player and will enable him/ her to learn guitar effectively.

Source by Priyankayog Bhatt

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