Does Whole Body CryoTherapy Really Reduce Pain Associated With Fibromyalgia?

In 2000 there was a study in Germany involving 120 people that had rheumatoid arthritis, 45% of them with fibromyalgia – most all experienced reduced pain. That’s proof enough. Many believe there is not enough evidence to empirically prove it, but people in pain know the pain they feel or don’t.

While the FDA has not specifically ‘approved’ cryotherapy for fibromyalgia treatment, and warns citizens of potential false claims being made, those who’ve used cryotherapy tell of reduced pain and other benefits for their fibro. Several fibromyalgia online groups also have people talking about their personal journeys with fibro and how cryotherapy has changed their lives.

It could take years, maybe even a decade for the FDA to recognize whole body cryotherapy as a viable treatment to curtail the pain associated with fibromyalgia. I suppose you could live with all that pain until then, your choice.

Nearly all of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia are reduced when cryotherapy is used on someone without the condition. Chronic Pain, pain intolerance, sleep disorders, depressed mood, swelling and inflammation, sore muscles and tendons, musculo-skeletal pain, itchy skin and whole body soreness, and chronic fatigue are all things that cryotherapy is suited for, in fact at first glance one might say cryotherapy is made for fibromyalgia patients.

You see, Whole Body CryoTherapy reduces inflammation, increases collagen, gives you an endorphin rush, boosts the immune system, activates anti-stress hormones, and causes increases in anti-oxidants in the blood. Each of these benefits solves one or more of the symptom problems associated with fibromyalgia. All together it makes sense to anyone except a pharmaceutical company with a patented and high-priced fibromyalgia medication. This isn’t an anti-FDA statement, just an observation. You will have to be the final judge and try Whole Body CryoTherapy for yourself. We can’t promise you it works, only that others with fibro swear by it.

There was an interesting Whole-body cryotherapy rehabilitation study of patients with rheumatoid diseases, and although this was ONLY a pilot study it did render some fascinating results. (Die Rehabilitation [01 Apr 2000, 39(2):93-100]). Another study was a little more proof positive in solid results, this research was published; “Effects of 15 consecutive cryotherapy sessions on the clinical output of fibromyalgic patients,” by L. Bettoni, FG. Bonomi, V. Zani, L. Manisco, A. Indelicato, P. Lanteri, G. Banfi and G. Lombardi.

It certainly appears that Whole Body Cryotherapy does indeed holds a promising future for those afflicted, allowing them to go about their lives with minimal symptoms or pain. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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