We will have new world after Covid-19, balance of power between China and US will change: Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he feels that “we will have a new world after this virus” and “balance of power between China and the United States will change post-COVID-19″.
During an interaction with Ashish Jha, Director Harvard Global Health Institute and a recognised public health official, Gandhi said that coronavirus operates at two levels — healthcare and attacking the globalised structure.
“The most vulnerable COVID-19 places are nerve centres of globalisation. I feel we will have a new world after this virus. I also think it going to reshape Europe. Balance of power between China and the US will be changed. Like 9/11 was a new chapter, this is a new book,” Gandhi said.
Meanwhile, Jha said that three vaccines are showing promising results in the fight against coronavirus and expressed confidence that there will be a Covid-19 vaccine by next year.
“Three vaccines are showing promising results. These are from America, China and Oxford. For now, they all seem promising — may be one of them or all turn out to be effective. I am confident that the vaccine will be available by next year. India has to prepare a plan on how to avail vaccines for its population,” said Jha.

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