Blackfish, Hail Satan? and Q&A for Life Itself Screening Virtually as Part of Magnolia Pictures’ Favorite Doc Series | Chaz’s Journal

The final week of the series begins on Friday, June 5th, with Penny Lane’s 2019 “Hail Satan?“, a satirical and provocative celebration of The Satanic Temple (the film can be rented here). Lane will be in conversation with the Temple’s head Lucien Greaves here on Wednesday, June 10th. For these last two films, the charity will be GiveDirectly’s COVID relief fund (donate here).

Viewers can also still rent “RBG” (here) and “Life Itself” (here), as well as watch the Q&A that aired this past Wednesday where one of the subjects of “Life Itself”, publisher Chaz Ebert, joined director Steve James, musical guest Clem Snide (who wrote the song “Roger Ebert” embedded below) and moderator Scott Mantz (you can view their chat in full here). Chaz Ebert designated donations to go to the Chicago Cinema Workers Fund to help hourly workers who have had their jobs eliminated during the Coronavirus Pandemic. To donate directly to the fund click here. The charity selected by the “RBG” filmmakers was NYU Langone’s food pantry, The Table (donations can be made here).

For more info, including a complete list of the participating venues, click here.

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