FAKE ALERT: Tweet of Police killing children in mosques and schools in Varanasi is fake

Twitter user @Dalal_alajmi tweeted a video showing a child bleeding from his head and crying continuously. When the child is asked who did this to him, he answers ‘police’.
The Twitter user posted the video to claim that it is from Varanasi where the “Yogi police” is entering mosques and schools and killing all Muslim children present there.
Using hashtags such as #Indian_Muslims_in_danger #UNHCR #islamophobia_in_india #Kashmir, the user wrote, “This shocking video of the Yogi Police in Varanasi (UP), how the children of the mosque and school were killed mercilessly, and showed the entire world what is happening in India * * Share please * (sic)”.

Here’s the archived link to the tweet
The video is not from Varanasi. The claim made with it is false.
Using Google Chrome’s InVID extension, we broke the videos into several keyframes and then ran reverse-image search on them via different search engines.
Through Yandex we found a video tweeted from a handle named @ PARVEEN11072734. This video-tweet was done on 21 December 2019. It had the same visuals as the one seen in the video above.

The video was claimed by the user to be from Najibabad, which falls in Bijnor. We could not independently verify the claim of the video being from Bijnor but this tweet from December certainly proves it is an old video.
Taking a cue from this, we used relevant keywords and found an NDTV report dated January 30, 2020.
“Bijnor, 161 km from Delhi, was one of the UP districts that saw large-scale violence. Two people were killed during the protests there on December 20 last year,” mentions the report. The report had no mention of any brutality on children.
The Varanasi police took to its official handle and denied the claim made in the viral tweet. The rebuttal states that the video is old and not of Varanasi.

Times Fact Check has found that an old video is being shared with a false claim of police killing children in mosques and schools in Varanasi.

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