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Homegrown TikTok rival Mitron app has crossed over 50 lakh downloads within a month of its launch. Mitron is among the top 10 apps on Google Play store. At first glance, the app looks quite similar to TikTok. In fact, some may be misled into thinking that it is TikTok and not the ‘desi’ version of it. While the features are similar, the Mitron app still has a long way to go to actually beat TikTok at its own game considering its huge user base in the country. Here is how Mitron compares to TikTok.

Mitron is only available for Android users and not iPhone users yet

The Mitron app is not yet available on iOS. It is only available on Android, most likely due to the huge popularity of Android in India. TikTok, meanwhile, is available on both platforms.

Mitron app is lighter than TikTok

The Mitron app is just around 8 MB in size while the TIkTok app is quite heavy and is around 74MB.


Interface of Mitron is an exact copy of that of TikTok

The interface and navigation buttons are exactly similar to TikTok with options like Home, Discover, Inbox and Profile. Instead of the ‘+’ icon on TikTok, there is a video camera icon on Mitron which allows users to post content on pressing it.

The Tune icon on Mitron is not functional yet

TikTok’s Tune feature of the icon with a spinning record is a popular feature which shows up all videos that have got the same music. While the spinning record icon is there on Mitron as well but is not functional yet.

You can only use your Gmail ID to sign into Mitron

Unlike TikTok, where you get a range of sign-in options, you can only use your Google account to sign-in to Mitron. Also, you can browse through content without signing in too.

Other common features

Mitron allows users to record and post videos of up to 18 seconds. You can also upload videos within the same time limit. You can double-tap to like a video like in TikTok and also save a video that you like directly on your phone. Videos on Mitron can be shared on other platforms from the app itself.

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