Steering Startups in COVID-19 Crisis

The Webinar will take place at:

  • 09:00 AM, Gulf Standard Time (GST)
  • 10:30 AM, Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • 01:00 PM,Singapore Time (SGT)

The COVID-19 pandemic cases are increasing while the world awaits a vaccine for the virus thereby causing the countries to remain locked down. The global economies are anticipating a severe financial impact and have warned of a recession far worse than that of the 2008 Financial Crunch.

The pandemic has jolted the global businesses with a crisis raising numerous questions in the minds of the founders & management of these startups besides the fear of getting laid off from their jobs is soon catching up with most employees employed by startups.

ET Masterclass upcoming online masterclass on ‘Steering Startups in COVID-19 Crisis’ will enable start-ups to find solutions to the challenges that the entrepreneurs are currently struggling with and will have an interaction with industry’s top experts on how to keep afloat businesses with minimal resources, new revenue models post COVID, and new insights in venture capitals, fundraising, & valuations in post COVID situations.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to keep business afloat during struggling times with minimal resources and make funding last longer
  • Understand strategies & adapt to new working models & revenue models as per requirements.
  • Learn from the experience of Industry’s top experts & leaders.
  • Guidance on managing threats due to impact of COVID-19
  • Insights on new Valuation, Fundraising, & Business continuity methods & techniques
  • Refinancing Startups

Who Will Benefit:

  • CEOs, CFOs
  • Founders & Decision-makers of Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs, Directors of Strategic Planning
  • Investors, Venture Capitalists, Fund Managers
  • i-Bankers, Advisers, & Consultants

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