FAKE ALERT: Video of personal enmity shared with false claim of Muslim man forced to lick Hindu’s spit

A disturbing video doing the rounds on social media shows a man confronting and repeatedly slapping another man, forcing him to lick his spit and making him do sit-ups.
The video is being shared with the claim that a Hindu man beat up a Muslim man and then forced him to lick his spit. It is being claimed that the Hindu man forced the Muslim man to break his Ramzan fast.

Facebook user Shaikh Azizur Rahman posted the video with a text that reads, “It appears, this incident took place in Surat, Gujarat, a few days ago, during the month of Ramadaan. In this video, a youth is found beating a Muslim man and forcing him to do sit-ups, holding his ears. The young man appears to be a Hindu. It’s not clear why exactly the Hindu youth attacked the Muslim man. But, we can figure out from the video that the moment the youth finds that the man is Muslim and is on Ramadaan fast, he turns more violent. The youth spits on the bonnet of a car and forces the Muslim man to lick it, apparently to humiliate and force him to break his Ramadaan fast halfway. (sic)”
A Times Fact Check reader also shared the video with us on our WhatsApp number.


The video shows an incident that happened weeks before Ramzan began. The incident has no communal angle to it.
Taking a cue from the text shared by Rahman, we used different keywords and found a video uploaded by news channel TV9 Gujarati on April 7, 2020. Titled ‘Man thrashed, made to lick spit by miscreant in Surat| TV9News’, the video shows the same visuals as the ones seen in the video above.

As per this video report, the incident took place at Surat and the accused seen slapping was identified as Salman.
Using information from this video, we used relevant keywords on Google search engine and found a Gujarati news post from Divya Bhaskar dated April 8, 2020, which reported the incident in more detail.
As per this report, Salman slapped the victim and behaved in a thuggish manner as he didn’t want him to testify against a person named Ramzan.
Moreover, the Ramzan month started on April 24, 2020. This is way after the incident was reported.
Times Fact Check has found that a video of personal enmity from Surat is being shared with a false claim of Muslim man being forced to lick spit of a Hindu man.

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