Lunar Eclipse June 2020: Chandra Grahan June 2020 Date, time and live streaming in India | India News

NEW DELHI: People from Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia will be able to witness the penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5 and 6.
Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light. There are three types of eclipses — total, partial and penumbral.
This is the second lunar eclipse of 2020. The first eclipse was on January 10. It was also a penumbral lunar eclipse.
A penumbral lunar eclipse is the least interesting type of eclipse, because the moon is in Earth’s faint outer (penumbral) shadow. Unless you’re a seasoned skywatcher, you likely won’t notice the effect, in which the moon is subtly shaded by Earth’s shadow.
According to, the eclipse will be visible in India. It will start at 23.15.51 on June 5, reach its maximum phase at 00.54.55 on June 6 and end at 02.34.03 on June 6.
The eclipse will be visible from much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.
The Moon is above the horizon during this eclipse, so if the weather condition is good, the entire eclipse will be visible to viewers.
The magnitude of the eclipse is -0.405. The penumbral magnitude of the eclipse is 0.568. The total duration of the eclipse is 3 hours, 18 minutes.

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