Covid-19: Constitutional & Legal Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a colossal impact on every aspect of life and livelihood. While the Government rightly prioritised all matters relating to health care systems, several decisions have raised Constitutional and legal issues. In fact, COVID-19 has tested our Constitutional fabric as we witness overlapping jurisdictions within the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, even as the boundaries of the Constitutional division of responsibilities between the Centre and states have come under stress. Similarly, the prolonged lockdown has very severely impacted the economy, with huge problems for even profitable companies, including performance of contractual obligations. In this scenario, School of Law of the Times of India Group’s Bennett University presents a global webinar —“COVID 19: Constitutional and Legal Challenges”— which will deliberate how India can respond effectively to this devastating crisis while ensuring that Constitutional values of equality, justice and liberty are not undermined.

Leading luminaries from the diverse field of legal practice, governance and academics will share their perspective on the following themes:

Session 1: Constitutional Governance in COVID19 Crisis.

Session 2: Cooperative Federalism & Role of Judiciary.

Session 3: Justice Delivery in COVID19 Days.

Session 4: Force Majeure: Impact on Contracts and Commerce.

Session 5: Legal Landscape for Corporate Finance in Recoupment phase.

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