FACT CHECK: This viral image is not of injured Indian soldier in Galwan clash with China

Verified Twitter user Dr Anand Rai posted a graphic image of a man with a badly bruised back to claim that he was one of the Indian soldiers who faced barbarity of Chinese Army in the Galwan Valley faceoff.
Tagging the official Twitter handle of PMO India, Rai wrote, “This is one of the soldiers who survived the barbaric attack by Chinese forces on galwan valley. He has nail injuries all over his body. They were completely unarmed and yet they fought back the Chinese army. (sic)”

The image is at least four years old and has got nothing to do with any Indian soldier injured or killed during Galwan Valley skirmish.
Using reverse-image search, we found many Thailand and Malaysian blogs that carried this image in reports that were at least four years old. Most of these blogs were about the rigorous training an aspiring soldier has to undergo in army camps. The soldiers-in-line have to withstand a lot of physical and mental pain during their training period, which then makes them stronger.



Although we can’t say for sure where and when this picture was taken, one thing is certain that it is at least four years old and not from the recent clash between Indian and Chinese Army.
Times Fact Check has found that at least a four year old image is being shared with a false claim that it shows the back of an Indian soldier who had to face a barbaric Chinese Army.

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