FAKE ALERT: Picture from Venezuela falsely shared as Indian Army killing Muslims in Kashmir

Facebook user Aj Asif shared a graphic image that shows dead bodies with a claim that Indian Army is killing Muslims in Kashmir.
“How the Indian Army is killing our Muslims. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are being tortured in Kashmir,” read the text posted along with the photo.
Asif’ post has been shared over one thousand times.


In a Facebook group by the name of ‘AL JAZEERA – ENGLSH’, Abdeen Hameed shared the same post, which received over 70 shares in the group.
The picture is from Venezuela. It has got nothing to do with Muslims in Kashmir or Indian Army.
Using reverse-image search on various search engines such as Yandex, Google, etc we located a Venezeulan news site that carried the same image in a post dated May 7, 2020.
The title of the post when translated to English reads, ‘ Shooting in the Guanare prison leaves 55 inmates dead.’
As per the report, many Venezuelan prisoners were killed during a riot when inmates attempted to escape from the prison. The riot followed shooting by prison guards, which left many dead.


Times Fact Check has found that a photo from Venezuela is being shared with a false claim that Indian Army is killing Muslims in Kashmir.

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