Annular Solar Eclipse 2020: Can Surya Grahan actually impact our health? Here is what you should know

In many cultures and traditional beliefs, the sun is pictured as the mighty ‘Graha’ which represents life and energy on the blue planet. Here, let’’s take a look at some of these age-old beliefs:

1. It is believed that a solar eclipse can evoke feelings of malaise and sickness and hence one should avoid taking any major decisions on the day of the eclipse.

2. There is yet another deep-rooted myth that claims that this astronomical phenomenon can prove to be harmful to pregnant women and can cause birth defects and abnormalities in the fetus.

3. Additionally, people also believe that Surya Garahan can wreak havoc on your mood and you may feel all over the place during the course of the eclipse. It is said that eclipse may lead to psychological impacts on humans and may even disrupt their digestion.

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