FAKE ALERT: Chinese user tweets 2017 video to claim PLA administered oxygen to injured Indian soldiers

A Chinese Twitter user by the name of Eva Zheng posted a video to claim that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China suffered zero deaths and five injuries in the Galwan Valley clash with Indian soldiers. She further claimed that the PLA saved and rescued 10 injured Indian soldiers by administering them oxygen in their therapy chambers.
The video posted by Zheng had visuals of two soldiers wearing oxygen masks as they get monitored by doctors remotely.

Zheng’s video-tweet was liked by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.


The video posted by Zheng is from 2017.
Using InVID Google Chrome extension, we broke the video to keyframes. Then using permutation and combination of relevant keywords in English as well as Chinese text (from the video) we ran reverse-image search on the keyframes via different search engines such as Google,Yandex, etc.
This led us to a video posted on a Chinese video sharing website called Bilibili. The video was posted on February 14, 2017.
The video had the exact same visuals as the one posted by Zheng above. The title of the video when translated to English read, ‘The hyperbaric oxygen chamber settled in the Golden Army of the Tibetan Armed Police’.

It should be noted that 10 Indian soldiers were released by China after three days of talk.
Times Fact Check has found that a staged 2017 video is being shared with a false claim that 10 Indian soldiers were administered oxygen by PLA after they were captured during Galwan Valley faceoff.

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