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CHENNAI: During the Coronavirus-enforced lockdown, a lot of sportspersons have been making the best use of free time to acquire some new skills. While a few players are into cooking, some have been learning a new language. West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is polishing his DJ skills.
Gayle, admittedly, loves music and said he has been practising DJing at home with his system. “I love the music and the vibe. I am learning DJing at home now. I have got my own system at home. So I am practising,” Gayle said during the show ‘Open Nets with Mayank’ on IPL’s official website.
The show is hosted by India opener Mayank Agarwal and also featured India batsman KL Rahul.
West Indies has a rich musical history and has produced greats like Bob Marley, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj among others. Gayle said music is a very powerful tool. “That’s our culture back home… We are being raised in music. It inspires everyone and everyone listens to music. It is a very powerful tool around the world,” said Gayle.
During the show it was also revealed that Gayle would have been a sprinter had he not played cricket. “Gayle told me once that (Usain) Bolt is No. 1 only because I am playing cricket. Otherwise, I would have been the best,” Mayank said.
Interestingly, both the legendary sprinter Bolt and Gayle have the same roots, having being born and raised in Jamaica. “I am still one of the best sprinters. There is a bit of wear and tear but I can still go on. In fact, as I am getting older, I am getting to know the body even better,” Gayle said.

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