Coronavirus: How long does it really take to get a vaccine ready? We explain to you the process

Even though these speedy developments seem like a piece of good news and gives us hope that we may be able to see the end of the pandemic in the near future, experts aren’t really sure if the first vaccine we see will be able to defeat COVID-19. From the costing, production, safety and efficacy, there are a lot of factors into play which decide how helpful a vaccine under development really is. More than that, vaccines, on general, take a lot of time to develop, passing through large-scale clinical trials, meeting safety standards and getting neccessary approvals before being pushed out for public use. In the past, the fastest rollout of an approved vaccine, the mumps vaccine, took close to 4 years to get all neccessary permissions and licensing.

So realistically, how long will it really take for us to see a vaccine ready to battle the novel coronavirus pandemic? Let us tell you the different stages of vaccine development:

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