COVID-19: Herd immunity may be achieved at 43%, say experts

As COVID-19 cases surge across the country and vaccines and other treatment strategies are being devised, the state of affairs has thrown many in limbo. There is no one cure or prevention plan for coronavirus. Asymptomatic cases are on the rise, and most importantly, it is affecting everyone differently.

In the past, there were early doubts which said that the only option of “defeating” coronavirus would be to achieve herd immunity, which, by means signified that at least 70% of the population would have to be infected by the virus for them to “gain” immunity from it. Not only did this number seem risky, but there were also a lot of factors which negated the working of this concept. However, newer studies suggest that achieving herd immunity, for coronavirus might actually be possible, and that too at a low percentage rate of 43%.

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