Coronavirus vaccine roundup: From imperial college human trials to treatment, here are all the fresh updates around COVID-19

Patanjali Ayurved’s Coronil, hailed by the makers as the first “100% cure” for COVID-19 ran into troubled waters after ICMR and Ministry of Ayush asked them to halt its promotion and surface studies of clinical trials first. Even as research regarding the same is still underway, the makers have assured that the ayurvedic formulation guarantees effective results, has a good recovery rate and trials have proven the same. Acharya Balkrishna also claimed that their potent drug, made out of Ayurvedic herbs such as Giloy and Ashwagandha were able to decrease the viral load in the body.

Interestingly, Coronil, and Swasari, part of the Coronavirus fighting kit were only approved as immunity boosters and not as a cure. There is no proven cure for the viral infection as of now.

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