Hyundai Creta: Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos: Who holds the edge?

NEW DELHI: It’s a bittersweet battle that the two sides of the same coin are playing out. Kia Seltos, an instant hit in the SUV segment, is up against a strong and popular candidate, Hyundai Creta.
The second generation of Creta replaces a model that was well accepted, well awarded and superbly reliable. The 2020 edition doesn’t witness a remarkable price difference, starting under Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom).
On the other hand, Kia Seltos, introduced earlier in 2019, shot to fame on the back of handsome looks, segment-leading features and engine options, which were BS6-complaint, well ahead of the deadline.


Hyundai Creta has been significantly updated with features that almost come close to Seltos. In fact, Creta has grown in proportions, leading to greater cabin space and comfort. Creta’s design is also a completely new one with LED daytime running lights split into three parts and cascading grille offering the right amount of chrome. Similar has been treatment to the rear with a new set of lights, Creta badging in chrome blocks right in the middle.

09:152020 Hyundai Creta review

2020 Hyundai Creta review

With a sure footing, second-generation Creta has started strongly, becoming the highest sold car in May 2020. Hyundai designers have been highly experimentative with the design radically changed. This may not be to everyone’s liking, but Creta comes with an envious legacy. Five lakh units sold in five years!


Seltos’s design is athletic, sports Kia’ signature tiger-nose grille and has proportions, which appear dynamic. Here are five features exclusive to Seltos:

360 Degree View Camera

– Kia Seltos comes installed with a 360-degree view camera with a blind view monitor which is a first in segment feature. These features add to the safety of the car and further aid the driver to park or drive the car in congested lanes without worrying about the collision. The 360-degree view camera not only enhances convenience but adds to safety while driving the car.

Blind View Monitor (BVM)

– Kia Seltos’s Blind View Monitor (BVM) presents a live video of the car’s blind spot inside the instrument cluster from the mirror-mounted camera when the turn signal is activated making it easier to manoeuvre the car. The monitor uses the cameras mounted on both the ORVMs and displays the blind spot on the 7-inch display in the instrument cluster, which could otherwise be missed by the driver. The system informs about any object coming from behind in any side and proves to be very useful while changing lanes or while taking a turn. Seltos is the first vehicle to be equipped with such an advanced feature in its category.

Front Parking Sensor

– Rear parking sensors are mandatory in all cars sold in India today. However, when it comes to safety and avoiding unwanted collision with any object, front parking sensors become a must for a modern-age SUV. Even here, Kia Seltos stands out from the cluster and offers first in segment front parking sensors, which makes it easier to park or ploy the car in constricted spaces.

8-inch Head-up Display –

Kia Motors India has mounted a smart 8-inch head-up display, a segment-first feature in the Seltos. The smart HUD is an excellent utility feature that displays information to assist safe driving by minimizing movement of the driver’s line of sight. The head-up screen displays the vehicle’s speed, as well as the navigational updates to make sure that the person in the driving seat does not have to move his sight away from the road at any moment during his/her travel.
Manual turbo – Creta and Seltos come in the same set of engines and transmission – 1.5-litre petrol (manual and IVT), 1.5-litre diesel (manual and automatic) and 1.4-litre turbo petrol with 7-speed DCT. However, Seltos holds the edge here over Creta, with a 6-speed manual option with the turbocharged petrol engine.
Hyundai Creta is better packaged, featured loaded and more appealing than before. However, Kia Seltos also packs a serious push with all that Creta has to offer and more.

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