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Acting like he’s just another bounty hunter in search of a gig, Din walks into Calodan like someone who could also be bad news. In reality, he’s looking for information about the elusive Jedi. He gets a lucky deal when the magistrate hires him to find Ahsoka, offering him more precious Beskar as payment, and directs him to the barren forest where she’s hanging out, planning her own one-Jedi siege of the city. If there’s one slightly goofy thing about with this episode, it’s how gullible the magistrate is about this (though she knows that Mandalorians and Jedi don’t famously get along), and that it’s not played as anything particularly clever. Good move, Mando. 

When Ahsoka, Din Djarin, and Baby Yoda do sit down and talk, it’s a season highpoint for the simple of sake of backstory. For one, Ahsoka listens to The Child, and gives us the highly anticipated reunion we’ve been wanting of Baby Yoda—I mean Grogu—with the Jedi, and marks a sort of completed mission on behalf of Din’s dedication. The tidbit starts with the information about Baby Yoda’s name, and backstory. Grogu was trained on Coruscant, but was hidden during the Clone Wars and taken from the temple by someone. Maybe it’s because we’ve spent so long without backstory on Grogu, but this information hits deep, and functions as a subtle emotional beat because we know that Grogu hasn’t been able to communicate for quite some time. It feels like we’re getting closer to a sense of purpose, which is layered with Grogu’s own emotional arc that I don’t think should be underestimated. This episode’s time with the Jedi (especially in proving that Mandalorians and Jedi can indeed coexist) feels to hint that the series might be including more in the future. 

The series also makes a reference to two other Jedis, that we know very well: Ahsoka mentions that she’s only seen one being like that before, named Yoda. And she also makes a reference to when her trainer Anakin Skywalker went ballistic in the past. That last bit of history embedded a deep fear in training a Jedi like Grogu herself, especially given how Grogu’s relationship with Mando has made the young Jedi vulnerable. 

Ahsoka agrees to train Grogu if Din Djarin will help with her main task, of getting to the magistrate. We learn in a key point that it’s not entirely about liberating Calodan, but also about Ahsoka finding out who the magistrate is serving. That answer comes with a nod to animated series “Star Wars Rebels,” Grand Admiral Thrawn. Could this be another major villain in the episodes to come, or even the next season? We’ll see, but like the battle for Mandalore promised in “Chapter 11: The Heiress,” or the appearance of Boba Fett at the end of “Chapter 9: The Marshal,” the series is doing a lot to set up the next bits of story. 

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